Company History

South Island Building Sdn.Bhd. (SIB)
, the construction of the diversified South Island Group of Companies, is one of the leading construction companies in Malaysia with experience in building, civil and mechanical engineering and turnkey projects.

The company was founded in 1959 and in the early years was mainly involved in the construction of residential houses and small-scale commercial buildings in the state of Penang. In the early 1960s when Penang was still very much a trading center, much of its attraction deriving from its free port status, the founders had the foresight to recognize that the key to Penang’s future prosperity depends on industrialization to generate economic growth and to support the rapid population growth. With industrialization comes the need for industrial buildings.

SIB constructed many of the factory buildings in Mak Mandin Industrial Estate, one of the earliest industrial estates in Malaysia. SIB has established a tradition of construction high quality industrial and commercial buildings not only in Penang but also in other states such as Kedah, Selangor and Johore.

From the outlet, SIB has stressed on quality construction, keeping to delivery scheduled and providing professional services to its Clients as its guiding principles. Another key element of the SIB tradition is the ability to adopt developments in engineering and construction technology to meet the complex demand of modern construction. These qualities have been recognized by its wide range of clients that includes quasi government development agencies, international and multinational companies.

The projects undertaken by SIB to-date cover a wide spectrum of industries; it ranges from government development agencies to multinational companies.