SIB has the reputation of being one of the most established 'Infrastructure Builders' and has been associated to the development in Malaysia. Being in the industry for more than 40 years, the company has successfully developed numerous property projects throughout the nation especially in Penang. Through the years, SIB had been a team player to Intel, Komag, Quantum, Seagate and Linear. We offer various type of construction such as Light Industrial Estate, commercial and industrial buildings.
SIB is now a leader in construction of industrial buildings and has the largest number of completed projects in Penang.

We are proud of our Malaysian identity and strive to be ahead of our industry by being professional, competitive, innovative and proactive in providing quality services. Being a high performance construction leader means we must strive to be a world-class organization by benchmarking ourselves against the best players in the industry.

We act responsibly in line with international best practices of corporate governance and transparency, and projecting a positive and progressive image. We take pride in being a partner in building the nation and improving the nation's quality of life by laying down better roads and infrastructure and promote better, cleaner and healthier environments through efficient management of healthcare services, resources and waste.