Corporate Values

constantly seeks new ways to create and enhance value for our stakeholders. In delivering superior value for stakeholders and investors, we capitalize on existing resources and strengths and to provide a more structured approach to growing and expanding the business.

The strategies are improving productivity, business growth and expansion, people and organizational development, improving systems and processes and improving and enhancing perceptions of SIB

To improve productivity of capital, assets and people resources, we focus on the more under-performing assets.

To grow and expand our businesses, we will continue to explore opportunities in growth areas, both at home and abroad.

To develop our people, we are nurturing in our people integrity, sincerity of intent, passion for success and teamwork to work with SIB as a choice employer.

To achieve significant improvement in our business processes and corporate governance we practice transparency and open communication in an endeavor to change public perception of the Company and its operating style.
To leverage on our diversity, we are focused on maximizing our potentials and capabilities as a well-balanced, integrated group – one that is committed to providing world-class expertise, products and services.

As we grow in strength, we will continue to aspire towards a new level of performance growing effective business leaders in the global market.